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Super Smash Bros War Alternate Outfits

Mario Bros
 Mario- Strikers Outfit
Luigi- Strikers Outfit
Peach- Strikers Outfit
Bowser- Tuxedo from Paper Mario
Daisy- Strikers Outfit
Waluigi- Strikers Outfit

Legend of Zelda
Link- Standard outfit from SS.
Young Link- Hat less, Goron Bracelet, wields Mirror Shield and Gilded Sword
Toon Link- Clothes from Outset Island. Uses Hero's Shield and Hero's Sword
Oni Link- Hat less, Great Fairy Sword
Wolf Link- Midna has full Fused Shadow
Zelda- Robe from TP
Sheik- Mask Let down, OoT outfit
Toon Zelda- ?
Tetra- Hair let down
Ganondorf- OoT Outfit
Toon Ganon- Agahnim outfit
Impa- Wears pants and long sleeves, similar to Sheik, face mask up
Nabooru- Gerudo guard outfit with face mask
Majora- wears Skull Mask from OoT
Young Zelda- Maiden Outfit from Alttp
Vaati- wears boots instead of sandals and has no hat or cape
Dark Link- Dark version of TP Cowboy Link, has gothic style appearance and face paint
Shadow Link- Dark version of Outset Link
Kafei- No Keaton Mask
Zant- No helmet

Samus- Ped suit from MP3
Dark Samus- Light suit from MP2
Zero Suit- Outfit from Other M

Kirby- Color pattern like waddle dee
Metaknight- wings instead of cape
Dedede- ?

Fox- Adventures outfit
Falco- Adventures outfit 
Wolf- Assault Outfit
Krystal- Assault Outfit

Captain Falcon- Phoenix from FZero AX
Blood Hawk- ?
Samurai Goroh- Outfit from original FZero

Ness- Skullcap, Tshirt and Pants
Lucas- Hoody and shorts

Fire Emblem
Ike- Armor from Radiant Dawn
Sothe- Outfit from Radiant Dawn

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

World Collision Half 2

Scene 35- Simultaneous Release = The massive planet can be seen from space. The camera zooms in quickly showing showing each of the wormholes opening up and releasing all of those absorbed on a completely different hemisphere. One half of the world is completely frozen perfectly to the equator. From the flashes you can see that this side of the world is completely blended aspects from all over.

Scene 36- New Mushroom Kingdom? = Hoenn Trainer awakens on the roof of a castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Waluigi lies nearby unconscious. He looks around and notices that it is raining upward. Shadow creatures begin to spawn all around him and he quickly wakes Waluigi up with a quick kick. Waluigi notices the creatures and jolts up reaching into his back pocket and takes out a pokeball marked Marshtomp. He gives the ball to Hoenn Trainer as the enemies draw near.

Stage 27- Mute Kingdom = Battle. A massive horde of 60 shadow creatures and shadow goomba and koopa attack. Defeat to progress. (cutscene- The two look off of the roof and notice the strange surroundings. Futuristic skyscrapers and old kingdom castles. They turn away and head down the stairs into the castle.) The level continues as you fight down into the main hall from the roof. Shadow creatures are coming up as you go down inside. As you head from the main hall to the exit a small wave of shadow creatures spawns. Defeat to progress. As you cross the drawbridge you can see that the castle you were in was Princess Peach's castle. On the other side of the bridge you encounter a small wave of enemies. After defeating them you head into and across the fields leading to Mute City. The next screen contains platforming while fending off enemies. As you continue on and reach midway through the city you encounter a small horde while taking a floating bridge upward. The bridge takes you up high into the city to a street that leads to a ladder taking you down to another street. The second street winds down eventually taking you to the other side of the city and to ground level. Enemies begin spawning more rapidly before you as you reach the city limits. (cutscene- Waluigi and Hoenn Trainer are walking out of the city as they notice an engine roaring in their direction. They turn back to notice a vehicle speeding at them. As it crosses between them (Blood Hawk) leaps out of his Blood Falcon and it stops a few feet away. He slowly turns towards them and cracks his knuckles.) Battle- defeat to progress. (Cutscene- Waluigi commandeers the Blood Falcon and Hoenn Trainer jumps in beside him. The two speed off into the wilderness.

Scene 37- Stranded = Micaiah awakens on a large island with Vaati staring straight down at her. She quickly scurries away and fires a ball of light at him. He blocks it effortlessly with a ball of darkness. He then walks up to her and points a finger into the jungle. Micaiah realizes that the two are stranded together and agrees that she will accompany him in hopes of finding a way off. Vaati heads into the jungle.

Stage 28- The Island = The level starts with you fighting your way off of the beach and into a jungle. There are many spike pits and pitfalls along the path and enemies spawning and attacking you.  As you fight your way through the shadow creatures you come to a small isthmus and a wall. In order to pass the wall you have to break the isthmus and swim under it, shortly reaching land. (Cutscene- Vaati and Micaiah climb out of the water to and notice a waterfall in a small pond. The waterfall is going upward however, and the two decide to carry on. As they head out they are attacked by shadow creatures.) The level continues with you auto scrolling through an area with shadow creatures spawning behind you. As you leave the forest and wind up back on the beach the auto scrolling stops and you continue to manually scroll. Following the coastline you eventually take it the rest of the way down the bay come across an old used hut. (cutscene- Micaiah and Vaati spot Daisy lying on the beach. They walk over to her and Vaati peers down at her. The camera enters first person from Daisy's point of view and shows Vaati blankly staring straight into her eyes with Micaiah looking over his shoulder. He points to the mountains off on the other side of the sea and looks back at Daisy. She stands up and an exclamation point appears above her head. She pulls out her Bullet Bill Cannon and fires a Banzai Bill towards the distant land while grabbing the hands of both Vaati and Micaiah. They ride the Banzai Bill across the ocean and the camera shows from a front view as the three of them fly towards the screen screaming.) Stage Clear

Scene 38- Floating Civilizations = The backdrop is a combination of villages and cities in the sky. Shadow is seen dashing from the village and onto the highway. As he passes under a tunnel he spots Saki Unconscious sitting up against the wall. He picks him up and shakes him awake. As Saki awakens he breaks free of Shadow's grasp and runs to the rail and jumps from the highway. Before he can get anywhere shadow catches his leg and pulls him up. Looking down at the city below Shadow convinces Saki to come with him.

Stage 29- Radical Skyway = This level consists of more platforming than any other so far. The highway is spotted with gaps that are death drops. These gaps are consistent throughout the level. Shadow creatures spawn regularly as you progress. There are boosters along the level that launch you through loops in the highway at various points. As you enter a tunnel a horde spawns that must be defeated to progress. The next area is a junction of tunnels that leads lower down the highway. As you go deeper in there are some tunnels that are blocked off by vehicles and others by roadblocks that can be destroyed or jumped over. After passing a few roadblocks the level continues downward through a few more conjoined tunnels. Eventually you fight a horde at the exit back onto the highway. Back out on the highway you move on with more platforming and fighting shadow creatures. After crossing a collapsing bridge you encounter a horde and after defeating them you progress onward to a booster that launches you through a double loop and over a large gap. After landing you jump down to a lower section of the of highway and under an overpass. A horde of enemies spawns as you reach a dead end. Defeat to progress. ( Saki runs to the edge of the highway and looks down nearly losing his balance. He turns to look back as Shadow crashes into him sending them both plummeting from the sky.) Stage clear

Scene 39- Cutting of Ties = On Dherris Kharlan, Yggdrsil commands Black Shadow to dispose of the traitor Waluigi. Viewing the monitor he spots Hoenn Trainer and Waluigi heading through the Mute Kingdom. He sends one of his best to eliminate the pair.

Scene 40- Ancient Glyphs = Sothe sits unconscious up against a stone column. Krystal is seen retrieving her staff and she walks up to him. She brushes her tail under his nose until he sneezes and wakes up. Sothe slowly stands up and dusts himself off while watching Krystal carefully. She smacks her staff down to the ground showing a glyph that appears to be a map leading to an emerald of excellent power. Looking down a long stone bridged pathway the two draw their weapons and begin to run.

Stage 30- Glyphic Canyon = The level takes place in the sky so there is a lot of jumping involved. Shadow creatures approach from the front as you run and jump your way through the canyon. The terrain slopes upward after the first wave of enemies is fought. After a few instances of pit jumping and fighting you come to a mounted Rocket that launches you up into the sky.  The next screen consists of you free falling for a while. While you are falling, flying shadow creatures spawn and attack you. You are temporarily given unlimited aerial jumps allowing you to fight airborne foes freely. After defeating an aerial horde you continue falling and eventually come to a landing on an bridge that crumbles under your weight causing you to fall even further down as the screen changes. On the next screen you fall for about a second before landing. From here you continue onward fighting shadow creatures and other enemies in occasional small hordes. After getting about halfway through the next screen you climb a large stairwell while jumping gaps and fighting creatures until you reach the top of the entrance to a pyramid like structure. (cutscene- Krystal and Sothe reach the top of the stairs and walk up to the door. As they try to open it a large number of shadow creatures begin spawning all around them. ) Battle- a large horde of shadow creatures. (40) Defeat for cutscene- ( The door opens slowly and Krystal and Sothe exchange confused glances before rushing inside.) Stage Clear

Scene 41-The Wolfen= Marina is getting off of a repair table to find that there is no one in the space station. She restores the power and walks over to a window to find a small aircraft speeding towards the planet. Her scanner identifies it as a threat so she takes off heading for the space docks. She opens the bridge door and sees Deoxys defeating a clancer as she rushes passed him.

Stage 31- Space Station- The level begins as you exit the bridge and enter the control room. The lights flicker off and then back on as Clancers begin to attack you. After defeating a large wave the door to the next area opens. The following corridor leads down a small slope where clancers come at you from the front. The area straightens out into a trapped corridor. There are numerous electrical gates, pitfall traps, and some falling ceilings. After fighting through a short distance, clancers bust in through the windows creating a vacuum that will pull you out into space unless you run. Jetpack clancers chase you but all of the ground troops are pulled into space. After you reach the end of the hall the screen switches. The next area is a battle of 20 jetpack clancers, defeat for cutscene. (-Lunar,Taurus, an Merco cut off Marina and Deoxys in the escape pod room. Then Lunar hits the self destruct button which starts a 3 minute countdown.) Battle- defeat the trio within 2.30. After battle- Cutscene- Deoxys enters an escape pod and ejects down to the planet. As the timer hits :03 Marina leaps out of the window and rockets toward the atmosphere. The station explodes behind her speeding up her descent.) Stage clear

Scene 42- Avalanche= Nabooru awakens on a snowy mountain. She finds her swords nearby and a hat lands beside her. She looks up the mountain and sees Joshua trying to climb it. He loses his grip and falls landing on an unstable cliff that collapses under his weight. Nabooru quickly pulls him off and onto stable ground. Joshua stands up and grabs his hat as the cliff strikes the ground and causes an avalanche to occur. Joshua leaps down the cliff with Nabooru just behind.Lanky sees them from a distance and decides to tag along.

Stage 32- Mt. Snow= The level starts as you land and have to seek shelter under a nearby rock as the avalanche lands filling in a large gap. You then have to run across the snow as dark creatures begin to spawn. After a few minutes of basic side scrolling and platforming you reach the next screen. The next screen you have to cross a frozen lake while fighting. The ice can be broken if hit, causing you to fall in and take constant damage. Halfway across the lake you are stopped by a small horde. After defeating them a large shark breaks out of the ice and the level begins to quickly autoscroll. Running and sliding from the shark you eventually reach the end of the lake and the shark jumps onto land and flops around aimlessly. The level goes back to manual scrolling as you face a medium horde of shadow creatures. After defeating them a blizzard picks up and the winds begin to shift randomly pushing you back or forward as you move to the end. (Cutscene- The trio spot what appears to be an ancient shipwreck. As they step onto however, it comes to life and takes off into the sky and carries them away. ) Stage clear

Scene 43- The Beast Within= Yggdrasil warps Lunar, Taurus, an Merco as the station explodes. He offers them one last chance to take out Marina by combining their machines. They bow to him and rush out of the room. Looking through a rift, he watches as the Wolfen enters the atmosphere.

Scene 44-Swamp Bound= Impa and Gray Fox are seen wading through marshes. As a thick mist begin to arise, they notice Sasuke's hair sticking out of a nearby bog. Impa carefully approaches and pulls him out. His eyes shoot open and he rotates his body to clean off. The trio continues onward through the swamp.

Stage 33- Misty Marshland= Much of this level takes place in shin deep swamp. Enemies come up from underneath and also from trees in the background. As you make your way halfway through the first screen you reach a patch of dry land where a large wave of shadow creatures ambush you. After that, you continue onward through the swamp fighting shadow creatures from the back and front. On the next screen you come to an edge that leads into a small lake. As you swim across the lake there are enemies in the water that can be either fought or evaded. Eventually, you reach a dive point that forces you to go underwater through multiple paths. (Some more simple than others.) The screen begins to autoscroll forcing you to quickly choose. There are air bubbles in each path. As you reach the end the screen goes back to manual. When you reach land, you encounter a small horde of large shadow creatures. After defeating them run uphill to the end. (Cutscene- A large Greek looking ruin sits atop the hill. As the trio looks for a different way to go Shadow Creatures spawn all around them and they flee into the ruin. As they enter, Zant is seen floating above the ruin as a pillar collapses sealing their exit. Zant fortifies the pillar with magic before returning into a portal. (Stage Clear)

Scene 45- Towers in the Distance= Karel, Yae, and Blaze are fighting through a plain where it is one side desert and the other tundra. The only structure in the entire area is a large chain of towers far in the distance. As they begin to head to that location it begins snowing upward.

Stage 34- Frozen Desert= The level starts with you running through a small savanna while you see a sandstorm in the background behind you. As you continue fighting, the sandstorm begins drawing closer and closer. A moment after entering the desert, the storm catches up and begins to slowly blow you backward.A wave of shadow creatures spawn that must be defeated to progress. After defeating the horde a large creature spawns, defeat it to reach the next screen. The next area starts with you holding off on a floating piece of land with two platforms.A wave of large shadow creatures appears, forcing you to fight them until you reach land. The platform lands atop a large dune that begins to collapse as you rush down. At the bottom of the dune you are swallowed by quicksand forcing you to jump rapidly to escape. Once you get to flat ground again you are to proceed normally while fighting enemies until you reach the base of the tower. (Cutscene- The trio looks up at the large tower and they notice a speeding gleam of light in the sky. They begin to walk towards the entrance.) <Stage Clear>

Scene 46- A Secret Lair= Vaati, Micaiah, and Daisy leap off of the Banzai Bill as it crashes into the side of a volcano. Unexpectedly, it reveals a large passage of chambers inside.As they enter they notice Young Link and Jet finishing off a horde of shadow creatures. The pair runs up to them and Jet opens up a map showing them their destination, they decide to to team up and proceed.

Stage 35- Marble Zone= The level begins with you fighting off large shadow creatures while manually scrolling. After about a minute you begin to find lava pits with scrolling platforms that are the only way across. There are robotic enemies that leap out from the lava to attack you but can easily be evaded or blocked. After switching platforms a few times you reach a long pathway with columns that rise from the floor to the ceiling to crush you. There are also small shadow creatures that to try and distract you. As you pass the last crusher you reach an elevator that takes you underground. The next screen you are in a corridor with a horde of shadow creatures. After defeating them all you reach a drop with a wall and switch in front of you. As you hit the switch the wall in front opens and a large wave of lava pours in behind you. After about five corridors of drops you find a ladder leading up. At the top of the ladder you encounter a small wave of enemies. After defeating them you continue through a long corridor with top to bottom column crushers. At the end of the corridor you enter a lava filled basin. (cutscene- The group looks up at the map to confirm their location. Vaati and Link look up and realize that they're in the crater of a massive volcano. The door they came in seals behind them as lava begins to rise below them.) <Stage Clear>

Scene 47- High Speed Chase= Waluigi and H.Trainer are speeding towards a large tower on the horizon. They suddenly begin taking fire from above. Waluigi looks in the mirror to see a Wolfen overhead. The camera zooms in passed the Wolfen and you see a glint of light barreling towards them at high speed. Waluigi speeds into a tunnel and as he exits a bomb is fired upon his vehicle. He and H.Trainer eject, and as they fly upward passed the wolfen they see a flash of light going through the back of it. The camera shows it once more in slow motion. Marina rockets from the sky and plunges straight through the wolfen causing it to malfunction. The pilot ejects himself. (Wolf) is seen falling towards Waluigi and Hoenn Trainer as Marina lands beside them.

Stage 36- Castor Wilds= (battle vs Wolf, KO for )(cutscene- Wolf is defeated and just as the trio begins to leave, Deoxys's escape pod lands behind them. Marina removes the door and Deoxys joins the group.)The level begins with you leaving the battlefield and heading through a savanna. Shadow creatures spawn behind and in front until you reach a midway point and encounter a large horde of shadow creatures.After defeating them all, a tornado comes and sucks you up, speeding you along while tearing through creatures. The next screen the tornado shoots you up into the sky. As you're going upward you are attacked by a few flying enemies. You eventually land on a bed of clouds. You have to proceed while platforming nearly every few steps. The clouds sink in if you stand on them for too long forcing you to rush or jump often. As you reach the ending path the level begins to autoscroll quickly as the clouds descend into a stair like pattern. As you reach land you are attacked by a few large shadow creatures defeat to clear stage. (cutscene- The group is halfway to the tower, standing on the other side of a large valley. After looking around H. Trainer notices a small shelter like rock. He goes over to investigate and finds a pokeball half buried underneath. He releases the pokemon, (Blaziken) and rejoins the group as they're leaving.) <Stage Clear>

Scene 48- Heatwave= Vaati and the group are climbing out of the volcano. At the top they reach a large hangar with an aircraft near ready for launch. Jet presses the launch button and a countdown timer starts as enemies begin to spawn. The group moves on to the landing pad and prepares to fight.

Stage 37- Volcano Battle= Depending on difficulty level you have to hold off against progressively stronger enemies for between 1 and 3 minutes. Survive for (Cutscene- The ship unlocks and everyone rushes inside. As they take off the volcano erupts behind nearly missing them. The group checks the navigational system and notice they are on autopilot and heading for a large tower.) <Stage Clear> 

Scene 49- A Sealed Goddess= The ninja trio is exploring the remains of what appears to be an ancient underground city when they stumble upon a lifelike statue of a goddess. Impa carefully examines the statue before performing a hand sign to break the seal. When the smoke clears, (Palutena) is standing looking at them as if reading their minds. She gestures for them to follow her and walks off.

Stage 38- Underworld= The level begins as you exit the statue room and head into the amphitheater. Inside you are ambushed by a medium sized horde of shadow creatures. Defeating them opens a gate to the next area. Through the gate there is a large stair set going upward. As you climb it, the stairs crumble behind you. At the top you enter a room with a massive chasm and multiple scrolling platforms as the only way to cross.As you hit the first platform, enemies spawn and the lights go out, pulsing on and off every few seconds. After reaching a landing spot you are attacked by a small wave of large shadow creatures. Defeating them sets the next platform chain in motion. The platforms move faster and faster with each jump causing the timing to be more difficult than the last. After you reach land you encounter another horde of large shadow creatures. After defeating them continue scrolling for... (Cutscene- The four are rushing towards the exit when a wall of fire shoots up in front of them. They look into the darkness and see two large yellow eyes. Slowly, (Majora) comes out of the shadow and creates 10 clones of himself that he sends to attack.) Battle- each of the clones are as strong as a normal Majora in both attack and defense. Defeat for (Cutscene- The wall of fire vanishes and Majora is nowhere to be found. The group runs out into the light.) <Stage Clear>

Scene 50-Pyramid Maze= Young Zelda and Wave are running through a maze of chambers while trying to remain undetected. They reach a wall and decide to take a break for a moment. The wall begins to rise and Krystal and Sothe rush inside followed by a multitude of shadow creatures. The creatures block of the exit while it closes and combine to take on a massive form.

Stage 39- Pyramid Cave= The level starts with you fighting a massive shadow creature. After defeating it the level begins to scroll while sending robots, ghosts, and other creatures at you. There is unlimited enemies and their main purpose is to slow you down. Eventually you reach two paths as the scrolling stops. A top path and a straight path. Taking the upper path leads upwards along a series of crumbling platforms and then goes off to the right past a secret door and drops down connecting into the straight path. The upper path is less dangerous but more difficult to take. Following the straight path leads you through a large wave of shadow creatures (30) After defeating them all you continue down a small slope while platforming and avoiding falling traps. After passing all the traps you reach the connecting point of the two paths and eventually the next screen. You encounter spinning spikeball traps that must be avoided by jumping over. Some of them are higher than others and some rise and fall. As you pass the spike chamber you reach a large grate with a weak looking piece of ceiling overhead. Jump up ad break the ceiling piece and a large waterfall bursts through and pushes the grate away. The waterfall carries you at high speed through a maze like path of tunnels and chambers. Eventually you get dumped into a large pool at the bottom filled with robosharks. You can choose to either fight or run until you reach land. As you climb onto land another massive shadow creature appears. When you weaken it enough it bursts into 4 large shadow creatures and further into 4 smaller creatures each. Defeat all for (Cutscene- The group approaches a small door that is locked. They look for a way in after failing to burst it open. Then Sothe spots a small vent and they open it using Krystal's staff like a crowbar. Zelda stoops down and crawls through and moments later she unlocks the door and opens it. The room is a large chamber with a small safe off to the corner. While the group investigates the room, Wave walks off to the safe and begins to hack into it. It clicks open and she retrieves a Chaos Emerald from inside. Suddenly, The room begins to tremble and glows brighter until everyone is forcefully teleported out.) <Stage Clear>

Scene 51- Surprise Landing= Saki and Shadow are plummeting from the sky as they notice a flying ship in the distance. Shadow does a homing attack to grab hold of Saki and angle them towards the ship. As he gets directly overhead he slams Saki downward and uses Chaos Control to appear on the ship. Just before he lands, Shadow jumps up and catches Saki and sets him down. Suddenly, Flying shadow creatures begin storming the ship as if summoned. Surrounded, the two prepare for a fight.

Stage 40- Airship Battle= Battle against 50 shadow creatures that become progressively more dangerous. Starting with 12 lessers it goes up to 8 mid level, and then 8 hi level that come two at a time. Defeating them causes two more Giant creatures to appear, once killed they burst into 10 small creatures each. Defeat for... (cutscene- Saki and Shadow are attacked by a humongous beam of energy seemingly from nowhere. Shadow warp dodges the beam but Saki appears to get hit by it as all goes white. It exits the white in slow motion from a different angle allowing  you to see (Chunky) break open the floor and pull Saki below deck, dodging the blast. Shadow quickly leaps into the hole. Below deck, the trio listens to what sounds like giant's footsteps. They look around and only see one way to go.) <Stage Clear>

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SSBW World Collision Half 1

World Collision Half 1

Opening- Dawn of a New Era= The galaxy is shown from an outer space view. The camera quickly flashes from planet to planet showing glimpses of the different universes. As it reaches a large mass of energy between two planets it slows down and zooms in... that planet being Dherris Kharlan. On Dherris Kharlan (Yggdrasil) lies asleep near the Eternal Sword. He appears to be sleep talking. As he moves his mouth, speaking unheard words Origin is heard saying the line. "I shall do as you command" A moment later the camera shows the outer space view of the Galaxy. All of the planets begin to form a straight line preparing to combine and form one massive, distorted, chaotic world.

Scene 1- Just Another Day = Wondering the fields of Slyvarant, (Lloyd) notices the sky above is raining down warm snow. The camera zooms in on the sky and you can see in the distance the planets coming together from all over including his own. Lloyd sends Noishe to Iselia and heads off to Luin in search of Sheena.

Stage 1- Road to Luin = Travel through the plains of Sylvarant while fighting off numerous enemies, some from the symphonia universe and from others as well. After a few scenes of scrolling action Lloyd encounters Sheena at the entrance to Luin. (Cutscene- (Sheena) is introduced to the player as a horde of enemies tries to raid the town. She fends them off by slapping seal cards on the mass of enemies and blowing them away. Stage Clear) Lloyd & Sheena Join the Party

Scene 2- Invasion of Hyrule = (Young Zelda) and Impa are out in the Hyrule Castle Courtyard on a seemingly peaceful day having a picnic. Zelda notices a warm liquid that landed on her hand and she looks up to the sky. At the same time (Impa) notices the strange weather and Dark billowing clouds beginning to envelop the sky in darkness. Together they run out of the courtyard but are stopped short by an army of redead and possessed guards.

Stage 2- Escape From Hyrule Castle = The level starts with a battle of 50 redead and guard combo. After they are defeated the screen changes to the next area. You have to fight your way through the interior castle walls and out into the field leading to the town. Upon entering the field the level begins to scroll slowly stopping at intervals where the player must fight off a small horde. after reaching the castle town you continue to fight through the market district until reaching the drawbridge leading into Hyrule Field. (cutscene- Dark Link slowly rises up from the inside the bridge until he is standing in front of the two. He slowly draws his sword and shield and lunges towards them.) (battle. after KO Stage clear) <Young Zelda and Impa Join the party> {stage music Frozen Hyrule: starts during cutscene as Young Zelda looks up}

Scene 3- Forming the Alliance = Meanwhile, Yggdrasil uses the power of the Eternal Sword to unleash all of the evil from the Galaxy to try and conquer the combined planet. He summons renowned villains from each world to help him with his reign.

Scene 4- Rude Awakening = (Tiny and Chunky Kong) are asleep and suddenly awakened by what seems to have been a falling star landing on the on the outskirts of the jungle. They leave their shack to investigate.

Stage 3- Jungle Japes = The Kongs travel across rivers and through the underbrush of the jungle while trying to locate the source of the noise. As the level goes on, you eventually have to scroll upward while climbing out of the underbrush and into the canopy. You then must jump across treetops while fighting atop the trees. After a battle in the treetops you jump down near a river and a cave. (cutscene- Tiny and Chunky notice a downed ship near the cave but it appears to be abandoned. They see a trail of small footprints leading into the cave and decide to investigate further. Stage clear) <Chunky Kong and Tiny Kong Join the party>

Scene 5- Back to Back = In the midst of war with a foreign country (Eliwood) and (Roy) notice the eerily warm snow falling from the sky. They begin to try and fight there way through and through the enemies to reach the cliff and get a better look at what was going on.

Stage 4- Frontlines = Eliwood and Roy take on waves of enemies on a scrolling level while trying to reach their destination. With each wave defeated the screen unlocks allowing them to proceed further. After six waves of enemies they reach the cliff. (Cutscene- Roy and Eliwood look to the sky and notice a large planet in the sky that appears to be getting closer to their own. In the center of the planet there is a reverse black hole that seems to be spitting out darkness and evil while drawing in the other planets. Eliwood turns away from the cliff and motions for Roy to follow.) The level begins again as they rush down the cliff while fighting enemies and dodging falling boulders. They go down deeper into the valley and into a small cave. Inside the cave the screen scrolls slowly as they fight off monsters and the cave collapses behind them and they exit the cave. Now on the other side of the canyon you fight your way up the other side and upon reaching the top are surrounded by a large group of Shadow Marios. (Battle. KO to clear Stage) <Roy and Eliwood Join the Party>

Scene 6-City in Crisis =  Standing in the middle of a destroyed city, (Silver and Blaze) are approached by (Zant). He points upward towards the sky and as they look away he vanishes into darkness. Silver and Blaze notice the gaping black hole in the middle of a planet and set out to find the source of the evil to ensure that no other world turns out like their own.

Stage 5- Ruined City Limits = Blaze and Silver are falling from a skyscraper. Upon landing on a bridge it begins to crumble away under their feet and they must rush to the other side. The level begins to scroll downward as enemies spawn nearby. While fighting them off you have to descend while using crumbling buildings as temporary footholds. After reaching near ground level you continue to normal scrolling while fighting and leaping across gaps and over infernos. The end of the level is a large drop. (cutscene- Silver levitates just before landing and uses his power to catch Blaze. They begin walking and are encountered by the Babylon Rogues who warn them not to try and stop the upcoming events from coming to pass. They hop back on their Gear and speed off laughing. Stage Clear)< Silver and Blaze Join the Party>

Scene 7- The Descent = (Rosalina) Intro is watching over the Cosmos and notices the disturbance of the combining planets. She miniaturizes herself and dives into the galaxy and down to the growing planet. She lands in a seemingly desolate location so as not to be noticed. To her avail she was spotted by a woman with green hair standing on a cliff. The woman (Yae) rushes towards Rosalina with her blade drawn.

Stage 6- Tomb Pass = Battle between Rosalina and Yae. after KO (cutscene- Rosalina uses her power to heal the wounds of Yae and herself. They realize they are not enemies and shake hands before setting out.) Heading through Tomb Pass you encounter numerous enemies from the clay army and other worlds as well. The level scrolls from the beginning and you are tasked with jumping over pits of lava while fighting. After the first section the level changes to manual scrolling and you are forced to fight numerous enemies while avoiding lava pits and lavafalls. The level ends after rushing away from a massive wave of lava and crossing a bridge leading to the temple. (cutscene- (Sasuke) is surrounded by dark beings and he jumps up into the air and throws down multiple kunai to destroy them all at once. <Rosalina and Yae join the party>

Scene 8- World Collision = All of the planets have completely blended together. The Galaxy is now completely empty other than the asteroid fields, the stars, and the massive planet that dwells in the center. The evil aura that was blasting out of the planets has stopped emitting darkness and the hole fades away revealing a parting in the middle of an ocean. Dherris Kharlan lies dead center over the massive fissure.

Scene 9- Sent To Conquer = Yggdrasil has a small smirk as he orders the villains from the worlds down to the surface to conquer the lands. As the last one leaves he closes his eyes slowly.

Scene 10- Downed and Out = (Krystal) having downed her arwing ventured into a nearby cave in hopes of scavenging parts to repair her ship. The cave is unnaturally dark and just as she spots a hint of light in the distance she steps on something. She looks down to see that it was a pressure pad. (faint laughter is heard in the background) Krystal looks around not noticing any changes and carefully steps off of the pad. Immediately, the ground below her crumbles away and just as she begins to fall a long arm reaches out and grabs her.  As the figure begins to pull her up he is smiling strangely(Lanky Kong). Just as she regains her footing Lanky is pushed into the hole seemingly by the darkness itself, bringing Krystal with him. Two red eyes can be seen looking down on them and a mouth slowly forms into a smile. The echoes of mischievous childlike laughter can be heard as they plummet to the bottom of the pit.

Stage 7- The Sunken Mine = Splashing into the water at the cave bottom, you have to dive underwater to proceed. There are obstacles, mines, and enemies that can be either fought or avoided. Your breath gauge depletes at a fixed rate so you must come up for air at  the intervals provided. After hitting land you eventually find a switch that floods the water into the next chamber while sweeping you along with it. On the next screen you are underwater in near darkness but the land is reached after a brief moment. After getting out of the water you see a switch that can be hit to turn on the lights in the area. With the lights on you can barely see the slightly faded color of the weak rock among the rest. If these are stepped on the ground collapses leaving but a second to jump. While manually scrolling and fighting you come across a few small hordes of enemies. You eventually hop into a  mine cart that rolls rapidly through the remainder of the level while breaking down rock walls and running over foes. At the end of the line the cart falls off the track and into a pit forcing you to jump out onto land. The ground begins to slope upward from there as it leads to the exit.(cutscene- As the light from the outside is getting brighter it instantly goes pitch black. You see the darkness in the cave increasing and (Shadow Link) begins to clone himself again and again. After creating 9 clones they all draw their swords and open their eyes in unison creating darkness spattered with bright red dots. You hear the combined laughter of all the Shadow Links and the battle begins. (KO all Links to clear level.) <Krystal and Lanky Kong join the party>

Scene 11- Stalking the Mask Thief = (Kafei is seen in Ikana Canyon following Sakon  and (Young Link) is close behind him. They are nearing his hideaway. As Sakon heads into the hideout he stumbles over a rock and drops Young Link's Deku mask which he had stolen along with the others. Young Link runs to collect his mask and then he and Kafei head into the cave.

Stage 8- Sakon's Lair = The first screen consists of a few straight connected corridors that look similar and are all empty. After reaching the second room you see a conveyer belt lined with all of Sakon's newest  steals. Link's Goron and Zora Masks as well as Kafei's Sun mask.(cutscene- Kafei runs up to the conveyer belt and tries to grab his mask. He tries to break the casing of the belt but fails. The impact of the blow triggers an alarm system that activates the belt. It starts to carry the masks away from them towards a drop point at the end. ) You are given five minutes to reach the end of the belt. However, each room you enter has a progressively larger horde of enemies. (If the time runs out you have a game over) The final room contains a last horde that must be defeated and then a switch appears for you to hit. (cutscene- the switch shuts the belt down just as the Zora and Sun's masks fall into the pit. As the lid seals off the drop Only the Goron mask is remaining at the surface. They rush to the drop point and grab the Goron Mask. Kafei looks downward and punches the wall. Young Link taps him on the shoulder and smirks as he steps away. He dons his Goron mask after climbing atop the lid. He then as a Goron jumps up and pounds the lid causing it to break away. Kafei looks astonished for only a moment as Young Link removes his mask. Link smirks and motions for Kafei to come on. With a look of determination he nods jumps into the pit with Kafei right behind.) stage clear <Young Link and Kafei join the party> {Stage music Ikana Castle: plays from the start of the level}

Scene 12- Temple On the Horizon = (Sothe) is wandering through a vast desert alone. He appears to be searching for something. Off in the distance he spots a large ruin in the dunes. Heading towards the ruins he spots an oasis and feels rejuvenated at the sight of it. He sprints towards the water and stops underneath a small tree. As he indulges in the water he hears a soft footstep behind him. He quickly throws a knife behind him without turning to look. The camera follows the knife as it flies directly passed (Nabooru). She easily dodges his knife and takes another step towards him nonchalantly. Sothe turns around and begins slashing repeatedly at her; she dodges every attack easily and rushes passed him. A moment later Sothe trues to move and sinks into the sand down to his chest. Nabooru takes the map that he was holding and examines it quickly. (The map shows the location of a Chaos Emerald inside of the Temple.) She then looks at Sothe and smiles. After he stops squirming she helps him out of the quicksand and dusts him off as they head to the temple. Just as they get under the stone arc they are passed by a yellow blur. (Shadow) stops directly in front of them and prepares to fight.

Stage 9- Spirit Temple Ruins = (Battle) After Shadow is defeated battle ends.(cutscene- Shadow crosses his arms realizing that he can't easily best the two of them in combat. He gives Sothe back his map and decides to follow them inside.) The level consists of dodging floating pots as well as other ground based traps while fighting armos, leevers, like likes, and other creatures from different worlds. Aside of basic platforming there are also some walls that are to high to jump and must be climbed to reach the next area.(similar to a ladder but you continue facing forward.) After the first area you encounter a small horde of enemies that must be taken out to advance. After defeating them you continue on to face two Iron Knuckles. After the Knuckles are dealt with the exit to the temple is revealed at the top of a staircase. (Cutscene- A treasure chest sits on the hand of the giant statue making up the temple exterior. Nabooru opens it to find it empty, surprised and angered she quickly starts to run upward the outer loop of the temple until she finds an entrance near the top.) You end up in a large chamber with multiple mirrors and a large platform in the center of the room. There are shadows overhead that follow your character. If you don't avoid them Floor Masters will fall down and try to take your character off screen. Aside of the floor masters there are also lizalfos and dinolfos to contend with. To proceed you must step on the platform after defeating all of the enemies. As it lowers you fight wave after wave of enemies. About halfway down you fight four iron Knuckles, and it continues to lower down with no more spawns. After the Iron Knuckles are defeated the gate ahead opens slowly. (Cutscene- The group is in a square chamber with multiple platforms and a giant rug underneath. The gate slams behind them. Out of a small wormhole the twin witch sisters Kotake and Koume appear and begin to circle the room. (Boss Battle- The witches attack by flying around and casting either fire or ice balls as well as flame or ice thrower like attacks. They occasionally swoop down to the ground to dash across the field and hit you. When near KO they begin to use stronger attacks such as creating an pool of lava or an iceberg to cover a side of the battle field. (defeat for cutscene- The witches fly away to a platform and open a wormhole and retreat. As it begins to close Shadow grabs Nabooru and Sothe by the hands and dashes full speed into the portal.) Stage clear. <Sothe, Nabooru, and Shadow join the party> {Stage Music: Spirit Temple}

Scene 13- Desperation = A battle between two small armies is going on in a large open area. One army is led by (Saki) and the other is led by (Micaiah). Saki dives out from behind a tree shooting across the field at Micaiah. She raises a light barrier that catches the bullets and sends them flying back full force by her command. Before she realizes it Saki is dashing towards her blade drawn. He leaps into the air with a soaring backflip and notices the sky. The clouds are a dark purple and it has begun to snow heavily. A large tornado forms out of the snow and begins rampaging through the battlefield. Astonished Saki finished his flip without attacking, he realizes that their only hope of survival is to work together. Micaiah was covering her face so as not to see her end coming and suddenly Saki taps her on the arm, points at the snowy tornado and starts to run. Micaiah staggers back and quickly begins to chase after him.

Stage 10- The Rush = The level starts with you running from the tornado in quick auto scrolling . There are enemies but they don't need to be fought. The level has scattered pits, destructible boxes, and trees to slow you down. After a few instances of platforming you reach a wall that must be climbed to get on top of a fort. As you go down into the fort you enter the throne room. The next screen gives you a limited amount of time to fight off a few hordes of enemies and open the dungeon pathway before the tornado arrives. As the last wave is defeated the tornado breaks into the fort and you have to dash into the dungeon before it catches you. The next screen consists of a few swimming segments as well as normal action platforming. The tornado no longer poses a threat as it has passed overhead. As you reach a dead end at the back of the dungeon you come out of the water and onto land. (cutscene- The wall is blown open. When the smoke clears you can see (Dark Samus) standing there with her gun pointed. She has an army of clones behind her. As they begin to step into the dungeon Saki and Micaiah prepare for battle.) Battle with four Dark Samus clones. After defeating all but one of them (cutscene- Saki dodges a burst of phazon and slashes one of the clones from behind forcing it to disintegrate. Micaiah tries to avoid an attack from the last clone but it instead grabs her and fires at Saki. As he jumps for cover Dark Samus takes Micaiah through a a worm hole. Saki carefully walks outside and through the hole into what appears to be a completely different world. As he enters, it seals behind him. <Saki joins the party>

Scene 14- The Exterior = Sasuke, Rosalina, and Yae are fighting the clay army off. As they begin to see other creatures showing up they circle around the castle and head inside. Rosalina erects a safety field to prevent any more enemies from entering the castle.

Scene 15- Inner Sanctum = Goemon and Ebisumaru have acquired a Chaos Emerald and are fighting dark creatures in the lowest level of the castle. A they turn to leave A wormhole appears in front of the exit. Agahnim steps out. As he gazes at the two he creates an electrical field around his body.

Stage 11- Majin Castle= (boss battle- Agahnim attacks from a distance using lightning attacks that can be dodged by either jumping or ducking. They can be blocked but easily break shields. After dodging a few attacks he lowers his barrier to regain energy. This is the time to attack him. His shield only stays down for a few seconds and upon recovering it he surrounds himself with a shocking forcefield and teleports to the opposite side of the screen. Occasionally he does lightning storm attacks that rain down lightning bolts in a specific area. (where you were standing when he cast it) and sometimes just a single bolt may fall. After his health hits about 30% he raises a permanent shield and clones himself on the other side of the screen. The clone has less health than him but must be eliminated before he will take any more damage. After defeating both Agahnim and his clone the battle ends. (cutscene- Agahnim fades away and is sucked into a portal of darkness underfoot that vaporizes him as he goes deeper.) Stage begins by having you leave the boss chamber. As you begin to head for the higher floors there are pits of lava and also monsters to avoid that will chase you until defeated. Every so often you reach an interval forcing you to fight a small wave of enemies. As you approach the next area you begin to auto scroll while avoiding lava pits and enemies. (cutscene- Goemon and Ebisumaru run into the chamber and they see the others fighting off a large amount of enemies. They rush over to help. (battle- you face a large horde of 50 enemies. After defeating all the enemies (cutscene- the group is completely surrounded and as the creatures approach Rosalina summons a swarm of Lumas to take out all of the creatures. The group continues onward to the castle exit.) The level continues with you running toward the top of the castle. An area is made up of a high room with multiple ladder paths that you must climb up to the top. After the top is reached there are a few platforms that lead to the exit.(Cutscene- Goemon calls upon Impact to take them to the castle in Edo. As Impact begins to walk away the screen zooms out.)  <Goemon, Sasuke, and Ebisumaru join the party> {Stage music: Majin Castle}

Scene 16- To the Eastern Ranch = Lloyd and Sheena leave Palmacosta and head towards the Eastern Ranch to find a friend.

Stage 12- The Trail = Moving through the fields of Sylvarant you go start off along the coastline. There are small gaps of water and quite a few monsters to fight while platforming. At the end of the first screen you encounter a small wave of about 10 enemies. After they are defeated you continue onward to the next screen. The second screen consists of auto scrolling through a forested area until you reach a small area set up like a battlefield. A horde shows up and you have to defeat the enemies to advance. As you continue onward on the path leading to the ranch you begin encountering desians more often. There is little jumping other than the occasional small cliff jump and as you get closer you encounter more and more enemies. The screen ends as you reach the gates to the ranch. (cutscene- Lloyd and Sheena look for an opportunity to sneak into the ranch. As they see a break in the guards they rush in through the gate. As they reach the entrance to the building they are stopped short by the sound of footsteps. (Kvar) steps out of the darkness and walks up to them. They look for another way in and realize that they are surrounded. (battle- Kvar and 3 other desians. This battle can either be won by defeating all the desians or raising Kvar's % to at least 100.) (Cutscene- Kvar leaps up onto the roof and retreats inside the building. Lloyd and Sheena head inside the ranch cautiously.) stage clear

Scene 17- Investigation = Tiny and Chunky notice that there is also a pair of hand prints that led into the cave and realized that Lanky must have followed whoever had crashed their ship. They know that the only way out of the cave other than the entrance is around the mountain at the waterfall entrance to the mine. Curious to see what Lanky had found, the two circle around the mountain and head for the waterfall.

Stage 13- The Waterfall = You start on the top side of a mountain path. As you take the path down you are continuously going around the mountain in a spiral. There are no pits in the mountain and enemies come from the ground as well as dark creatures falling from the sky. As you reach the halfway point there is a cutscene. (cutscene- (Vaati) is standing near a wall nearby. The Kongs don't yet see him. He steps out from around the corner and shoots a fireball at them. After barely dodging the explosion, Tiny is hanging from the cliffside and Chunky pulls her up. Determined to survive, the Kongs prepare to fight.) battle- after defeating Vaati there is a cutscene(Cutscene- Vaati jumps back and smirks. After shrugging his shoulders his fingers spark with electricity. He begins to grin and fires a lightning bolt at the mountain causing a landslide to occur behind and a giant boulder falls from the mountainside and onto the trail.) The level continues with a giant boulder on your trail chasing you down the mountain. As you run enemies show up in an attempt to slow you down. They will be crushed by the rock so fighting them is unnecessary. As you reach the bottom of the mountain the trail splits off into the background and the rock rolls back there and off the screen. Continuing on you face a small horde and after defeating them Vaati reappears. (Cutscene- Vaati walks up to the Kongs impressed that they survived. He points towards the mine exit and you can see Lanky and Krystal trapped in magical crystals. As the Kongs charge at Vaati he forces them back with a strong barrier of wind and walks into a wormhole bringing the crystals in behind him. Just before the wormhole closes Lanky and Tiny rush inside.) Stage clear

Scene 18- Abandoned Town = Eliwood and Roy are sprinting through a town slashing at dark creatures while on the move. The snow is up to their ankles now and it is coming down faster than before. As they reach a fountain in the center of the town they are stopped as Ashnard swoops from the sky and lands in front of them.

Stage 14 - Fountain Battle = (Boss Battle- Ashnard flies around while swinging his blade from dragonback. His dragon lands often to use claw attacks and shoot fireballs. He has a few combos and a few single sweeping strikes. While flying he can also use a flamethrower attack. Complete battle to progress.) (Cutscene- Ashnard flies upward and swoops down lunging at Roy who is on his knees. Just before the blow connects a sword flies down and knocks Ashnard's weapon out of his hand. Annoyed, he looks up to see a silhouette standing on a nearby rooftop. As it leaps off of the rooftop the sun shines on the figure and you can see (Karel) as he falls towards them. He walks over to retrieve his sword and motions for Ashnard to retreat. Ashnard takes his advice and opens up a wormhole that remains open after he goes through it. Karel readies his sword and enters his stance.) Battle against Karel. After defeating him or fighting for 1 minute (cutscene- Karel blocks Roy's attack and dodges Eliwood's slash with a backstep. He looks back ad as the wormhole closes holds his hand up signaling for the fighting to stop. He passively walks over to Roy and Eliwood and takes out a map from his pocket. The map displays a Chaos Emerald on their exact location. Suddenly dark creatures begin to spawn from all angles surrounding the trio. Karel shrugs and draws his weapon.) Battle- 100 Dark Creatures. They spawn as soon as one is defeated and there are no less than 10 on screen at a time. After defeating all enemies. (Cutscene- Karel sheathes his sword and looks at the fountain.) stage clear <Karel joins the party>

Scene 19- The Secret Passage = The trio walks over to the fountain and Karel pushes the tablet on the base. The fountain begins to drain and the floor collapses noisily into stairs leading underground. The trio jumps down into the fountain and walk into the passage.

Stage 15- Underneath the Fountain = The level starts by you spiraling down the rest of the staircase. As you reach the bottom the path straightens out and you begin to see dark creatures. You encounter a wave of creatures and after defeating them the level begins to auto scroll slowly to the side. There are a couple of small pits to jump during the scrolling and you are also forced to swim underwater and go through a couple of obstacle like courses while swimming. Underwater combat plays a large role in this level as there is much water under the fountain. AS you continue swimming you eventually reach a door underwater that you must go through to reach the next screen. The second area contains more swimming to start with. After about a third of the way through you reach the land and a horde of enemies spawns. When they are destroyed you continue on manual scrolling and platforming. The enemies begin showing up more frequently as you progress but no longer in waves. As you continue on further the level begins to get darker. By the next screen the entire level is almost pitch black unless you hit switches to light the place up. Enemies show up in droves from behind as you reach an area where you must descend. There are multiple platforms and traps on the way down so jumping directly to the bottom isn't an option. As you reach the bottom the level begins to auto scroll and water starts to slowly rise eventually filling up the pits. Soon you begin swimming instead of walking and jumping. As you swim further in the water starts to flow towards the other side carrying you with it on a near roller coaster like pattern through the underground tunnels. The tunnel ends and you are poured out straight down into a final pit area. A horde spawns underwater and you must defeat it to progress. (Cutscene- Roy and Eliwood follow Karel into a chamber with an altar in it's center at the top of a small flight of stairs. As the they approach it they can see a concealed Chaos Emerald in its center. Looking for a way to open the cage they spot two switches nearby. Roy steps on one and Karel on the other while Eliwood goes and grabs the emerald. As he lifts it from the altar they hear a rumbling in the distance and notice light pouring in from a secret passage that has opened. The trio exchanges glances and head for the exit. (Stage clear)

Scene 20- Following the Rogues= Silver and Blaze spot the Babylonian Rogues off in the distance walking through the city. Blaze notices that they appear to be unsure of where they're going and are following a map that can barely been seen from so far away. As the snow begins to fall, Blaze decides it would be best if they follow them in hopes of finding their bosses hideout.

Stage 16- Metal City = The level starts with you in the city streets and begins to auto scroll. Enemies are spawning front of you the entire time until you reach the first bit of platforming. There are a few intervals where the scrolling stops to include a horde of enemies to defeat. After 4 hordes you enter the alleyways. The second screen is in the back alleys and the scrolling goes a little faster than before. The area contains much more platforming than the last, but less fighting. The level continues as you reach a tunnel exit from the alley and are stopped by a wave of enemies. As you reach the end of the tunnel you approach the main street and a large horde appears. After defeating them you reach the next area. The last area is a manual scrolling part that has mostly incline instead of platforming. The number of enemies is more and you also encounter many small waves along the path up and down the street. As you reach the middle of the level you are atop a hill in the street and a truck pulls up behind you forcing you to sprint down and to a dead end where you must jump to avoid the truck. After the truck crashes into the it transforms into a large horde of shadow creatures that must be eliminated to progress. (Cutscene- Jet looks back and notices that his gang is being followed. He points angrily and begins to run. Leaving Silver and Blaze behind a few yards he and his gang rush into a nearby warehouse. As Silver and Blaze reach the warehouse they are cut off as soon as they enter and separated by the impact of Metal Sonic landing between them. Metal Sonic enters a stance and they all prepare for a fight.) Battle- Metal Sonic is a hit and run character, he mostly attacks with spin dashes and jump attacks. He does have a few moves that are ranged that can be done either from a charge or in midair. He is most vulnerable as he is charging for his spin attack, airborne, or recovering from a missed  homing attack. As his health drops below 50% he begins to shoot out spikes during homing attacks that can be caught using Silver. Upon reaching 30% he begins to shoot spike before and after his spin charge. Defeat to progress. (cutscene- Silver and Blaze look at the remains of Metal Sonic for a second to make sure he is out of commission. They then look around the warehouse and notice a small opening behind one of the shelves. They look down the flight of stairs and begin their descent. As they reach the bottom Zant comes from behind and causes the stairs to vanish, sealing them inside.

Scene 21- Frozen Over = The sky is no longer dark, but most of Hyrule is covered in warm snow and ice. Impa and Young Zelda are running through Hyrule Field trying to escape from the dark creatures and reach safety. Shadow creatures are spawning all over the field. As Zelda and Impa are surrounded, Young Zelda uses Farore's Wind to zip herself and Impa out of the danger. The two run into the Lost Woods.

Scene 22- Ambush = On the bridge to the Kokiri Forest Impa and Young Zelda notice the entrance is frozen over. The camera goes into first person from atop a large tree. The camera moves up into the air and then down onto the bridge. The camera zooms out and shows (Joshua) standing on the bridge with his blade drawn. He rushes at Impa and does a quick double slash. She draws her blade and blocks the moves simultaneously. She then does a flurry of slashes and kicks that Joshua dodges. He does a wide slash at her and she moonsaults over him and kicks him down. She places her foot on his back and her bade to his neck. Just as she is about to finish him off Young Zelda comes in and stops her. After he gets up, Joshua smirks at Impa and quickly looks around. He motions for the two to follow him as he jumps off of the bridge. Impa and Zelda follow his lead. {Music Lost Woods from TP}

Stage 17- The Lost Woods = The Lost Woods is more confusing than other levels as it is somewhat of a maze. There are a total of 10 screens, each one is similar in size and has multiple exits. However, only one exit is the correct path to the next area. Enter any of the wrong paths and you wind up back at the beginning of the current area. Each time you get the correct path there is a small wave of enemies at the start of the next area. After the last tunnel is reached you enter the Kokiri forest. (Cutscene- All of the houses are completely frozen over in blocks of ice. Young Zelda goes and touches one of the houses and notices that the ice is warm. Joshua keeps moving toward the back of the forest. He points out a trail and gets Impa's attention. The trio go down the trail and end up in a large open meadow. Down a small hill they see a Chaos Emerald sitting atop large rock. Joshua walks over to retrieve it and as he touches it the ground begins to quake. the Emerald falls to the ground and Regigigas rises from the ground and grabs the Emerald. It gains power, radiates a purple aura, and doubles in size. It then smashes its hands to the ground causing a tremor. The trio prepares for battle. (Boss Battle- Regigigas is enormous. He is an easy to hit target and his attacks have a specific range for some of them. He does smash attacks, sweeping attacks, and occasionally punching moves. He doesn't move often but when he does he either walks slowly across the level or rolls quickly leaving himself vulnerable momentarily. His ranged abilities consists of creating a tremor and shooting a shockwave across the level. After defeating him. (Cutscene- Regigigas falls over and booms onto the earth creating a small crater. He reverts back to normal size and the Chaos Emerald falls and rolls slowly across the ground. The Emerald bumps into Joshua's shoe and he picks it up with a smirk. He then opens up a wormhole and leaps inside. Young Zelda rushes inside without hesitation. Impa reaches out a hand to stop her but was too late. Impa then rushes in after Zelda and the portal closes behind her. <Joshua joins the party> (Stage clear)

Scene 23- The Twinrova = Koume and Kotake return from their defeat to inform Yggdrasil. He is watching the The area around Edo Castle awaiting the arrival of the four ninja and Rosalina. He turns to face the witches and creates a ball of energy as a threat. He points to Edo Castle through the portal and the witches go through aware of the consequence for failure. Taking no chances Yggdrasil sends Vaati as well.

Stage 18- Edo Castle Exterior = (Cutscene Impact drops off the ninja and Rosalina at the foot of Edo Castle. He then flies off. As they all step into the castle Ebisumaru and Sasuke are blown down the stairs by a gust of wind. Immediately Vaati dashes out of the castle and creates a barrier to seal the entrance so that none may get out to help. ) Battle- Vaati. This battle can be either won or lost without really affecting the outcome of the game. (If you win- Cutscene- Vaati is knocked down and attacked while downed. Before the blow connects he warps around the two and blasts them with a Mage Flare [fireball] and Lightning Blast injuring both of them. He then opens a wormhole in front of himself and one underneath both of the ninja and encases them in crystals. As he walks through they sink into the portals and seal. The ninja inside rush up to the stairs.) (if you lose- Ebisumaru and sasuke are knocked out and Vaati encases them in crystals and opens a wormhole beneath each of them and one underneath himself. He then sinks through and closes them all at once. The ninja inside rush up the stairs.

Stage 19- Edo Castle = You start on the second floor and haave to make your way to the top. The level mostly consists of basic platforming. Some areas have thin tiles that collapse after being stepped on making sprinting the ideal way to cross. The level often changes from you going left to right and back again as you reach the corners of the building. The clay army has been mostly mutated into shadow clay soldiers. There are also some large shadow demons inside. As you reach the third floor. (cutscene- Vaati appears before the group and starts shooting Mage Flares all around the castle interior.  He then confronts the trio.) battle- against Vaati. defeat for (cutscene- Vaati surrenders after being bested in combat. He agrees to help the group in combat and Yae slaps a seal on his back to ensure he doesn't pull any trickery.) The level continues now on fire as you go up higher to the 5th floor. You are given 5 minutes before the building burns down to reach the next screen. Every 45 seconds enemies spawn to try and stop you. The level caves in at certain areas at specific times so the speed at which you defeat the enemies also determines how easily you can reach the next area. As you reach the top screen there is a (cutscene- A barrier rises up behind the group as they enter a near empty  chamber. The witches Koume and Kotake begin to fly around the room and circle into each other forming the Twinrova. They fire a beam of frozen fire but it is deflected by Vaati's wind to divert the attack.) Boss battle- Twinrova fights basically the same as Koume and Kotake but has a weak point on its head. With the exception of their Frozen Fire ( a beam of ice that causes flames to shoot out from the ice as it breaks) and Iceferno ( an attack that works like a flamethrower but when it hits ice shards shoot out into every direction.) they use the same methods as the sisters. After defeating them. (Cutscene- Twinrova begin to evaporate. Vaati walks over to a concealed shrine and retrieves a Chaos Emerald. He then opens a wormhole and walks through it with the group following behind him.) Stage clear <Vaati joins the party>

Scene 24- Betrayal = Ashnard returns to Yggdrasil and bows his head in shame. Yggdrasil glances at him and walks slowly over to him. He raises him by the collar and strikes him with an energy sphere. and the screen goes white. Looking back at his screen he decides that the Rogues are no longer needed.

Scene 25- The Prisoners = Young Link and Kafei are walking through darkness and they enter a lit room. The room has two diamond shaped switches under two cages. The cage on the left contains the Hoenn Trainer and the one on the right holds Daisy. There is a manual for opening the cages showing that only one cage can be opened. As the other is opened the unopened cage drops into a pit leading underground.  If someone tries to open both cages nothing will happen. As they approach the cages dark creatures begin to spawn all around.

Stage 20- Under Sakon's Lair = (Special Battle- a cage lies on both sides of the screen. There are two switches underneath. One gauge at the bottom of the screen works as a tug of war gauge showing how much damage is on each bar. In order to open the cage one switch must be hit repeatedly. If the other switch is hit then the gauge goes back and to the other side. Dark creatures continue to spawn until the cage is opened. (if Daisy is released- cutscene- Hoenn Trainer drops into the pitfall and Daisy's cage lowers allowing her to walk out. She quickly runs over to the wall and starts knocking. After hearing a hollow sound she backs away and pulls out her Bullet Bill Cannon firing a Banzai Bill at the wall to blast it down. She looks back at Young Link and Kafei and runs down the corridor.) (if Hoenn Trainer is rescued- Cutscene- Daisy drops below into the pitfall and the Hoenn Trainer's cage lowers and he steps out. He releases his Treecko and it sniffs around for an exit. As it finds a weak point in the wall it marks it with an X cut and returns to the trainer. The trainer points to the wall and Kafei shrugs. Young Link plants a bomb at the spot and gets back before shooting the wick with a fire arrow. The camera zooms in on the wick as it burns down and the bomb explodes. Before the smoke clears the group rushes through and down into the corridor.) The level starts with you sliding down multiple conveyer belts and into an underground chamber. As you reach the bottom there is a pit that must be aerial jumped to avoid. The level is lit dimly by scattered torches and there are many pits of water that must be jumped over, while others contain the switches needed to open gates and reach the next area. There is a certain passage that can only be accessed on a different play through that forces you to swim against the currents. There aren't many weak enemies in the level, mostly garos and shadow creatures. As you reach the next screen you go underwater. The area is completely underwater. There are no areas to come up for air but there are air pockets scattered throughout the area. You swim down to the bottom of a large U shaped chamber and back up while dodging the planted spikes, wall traps, floating mines, and fighting enemies. As you reach the end of the U you enter a right turned L shaped chamber that opens up into a large open area. There is a switch at the bottom that causes all of the water to drain from the chamber when pressed. After all of the water drains a large horde appears. Defeat to progress. (cutscene with Daisy- Daisy wrings out her hair while making her way up a large stair set with the others just behind her. As she reaches the near top she steps on a stair that pushes in and causes the stairs to become a slide forcing everyone to fall. As the near the bottom the ground opens up into a pitfall leading into another stolen goods chamber. Young Link finds his Zora Mask atop a pile of other masks and Kafei finds his mask on the ground. As Young Link walks down the pile he trips a switch accidentally with a mask that he caused  to fall. Instantly the ground opens up and Kafei and Daisy fall into the massive wormhole underneath them. Young Link continues to hold on to a ledge until the ceiling shoots out spikes and begins to come down. He then lets go and falls into the wormhole.) (Cutscene with Hoenn Trainer- Heading up the stairs Link takes out his hat and wrings the water from it as Treecko sniffs out the stairs and avoids the trap. Following his movements the team avoids the trap as well. At the top of the stairs there is a chamber that holds both Links Zora mask and Kafei's Sun mask on an altar. As the two grab their belongings the floor collapses and they all fall into a massive wormhole screaming.) Stage clear <Daisy or Hoenn Trainer Joins the party>

Scene 26- Forming a Bond = At the bottom of the stairs Silver and Blaze hear bumping and glass breaking in the distance. They run around the corner and see The Rogues fighting off the dark creatures. They jump in and help them in their fight. After a short amount of time the Rogues and Silver and Blaze are going through the factory together.

Scene 27- Fork in the Road= The group is walking along and the path splits into two separate passages. One to the left and one to the right. The two groups see a map in the center and notice that the paths intertwine at the end of the labs. The two groups decide to take separate paths. The rogues going one way and Silver and Blaze taking another.

Stage 21- Egg Factory= The first screen is a long low ceiling passageway filled with egg robots and other enemies. There are spikes as well as lava pits that must be jumped. After going far enough in you reach a ladder leading to the next area. The second area is a much wider room that branches off into the four cardinal directions. At the start only the left side is open. The left side leads down a hall and into a pitch black chamber with cloaked shadow creatures. After defeating them light comes to the chamber and a large horde of weak shadow creatures appear. (30) After defeating them a switch appears. Trek back and the right chamber is now unlocked. It leads down a hall lined with egg robots and weaker shadow creatures as well as spike traps that spring from the floor and ceiling. On the far right you reach a chamber that is filled with boxes, some of which have enemies inside of them. A certain box contains the switch that must be pressed to open the next path. After reaching the center area again the bottom path is open. Descend a couple of ladders and you enter a large chamber filled with lava and floating containers. In order to reach the other side you must jump across the containers quickly while fighting enemies. As you reach a platform halfway you find containers that are slowly drifting towards you and falling into a pit. You must go across them to reach the switch. After going back for the final time the top path is open. Take the ladder to an elevator that then takes you upward to a room full of bio chambers. After walking a few steps into the room (cutscene- Silver and Blaze are walking around examining the tanks and notice a large tank in the center of the room marked CHAOS.  As they approach it the tank starts to vibrate and (Chaos) breaks the glass. He leaps out and punches Blaze knocking her away with an extended arm sending her flying into an alarm. Enemies begin pouring in and the building begins to lock down. ) Battle- you are given 2 minutes to defeat Chaos while enemies are spawning throughout the fight. Defeat to progress. ( Cutscene- Chaos is defeated and Silver catches the door as it closes with his telekinesis. Blaze slides under it and holds it open so that Silver can follow. The two run towards the rendezvous point.

Scene 28- The Renegade = Lloyd and Sheena are fighting off a swarm of Desians in the ranch. Lloyd takes out two at once using a Double Demon Fang and Sheena flips over one of them and uses a Demon Seal to blast away a group. Just before they can reach the next room a final Desian shows up. As the two prepare to attack him, he casually takes off his helmet revealing himself to them. Standing before them is (Yuan) the man who they were in search of from the start. Before they an explain the situation to him more Desians move into the room. The trio prepares for combat.

Stage 22- Battle in the Ranch = The level is a large number of varied Desians. (150) After defeating them all... (Cutscene- Lloyd sheathes his swords and points outside. Yuan looks out the window and notices the strange snow that is covering most of the ground. He motions for the others to follow him as he heads for the hangar.) Stage Clear <Yuan joins the party>

Scene 29- To the Hangar = The trio is running towards the hangar full sprint and the Desian base is put on red alert. They draw their weapons and begin to force their way further in.

Stage 23- The Desian Ranch = The level starts with you fighting a small wave of enemies before progressing. There is very little jumping required for most of the level is just running and using elevators to reach the higher points. After you ascend to the 4th floor you encounter another small wave of enemies that must be defeated to reach the next area. The next area is similar to the last with the addition of shadow creatures and electric traps. Halfway to the hangar you encounter a medium sized horde that unlocks the next door when defeated. The door opens and then leads down a sloped corridor and into a control room. (Cutscene- in the control room Kvar and (Magnius) are standing nearby a monitor showing a hologram of Yggdrasil. As the trio enters the room they turn off the hologram and turn to face them drawing their weapons.) Battle agaisnt Kvar and Magnius. Defeat both to progress. (Cutscene- before they can fall entirely Magnius and Kvar hit a switch removing the red alert status allowing the troops to pursue and eliminate the trio as they speed off in the direction of the hangar.) The level continues with you going down a sloped corridor and onto a large elevator that takes you up a floor. Continuing down the next corridor and fighting shadow creatures along the way you eventually encounter a large group of Desians waiting in front of the hangar doors. Defeat them all and the door opens. (cutscene- Yuan reaches the terminal and inputs the code for the Rheihards. As they rise up the camera shows the outside of the ranch and Zant is on the roof. Just before they can reach the outside he forms a wormhole in the hangar opening forcing them all to fly into it unintentionally. He then forms a twilight stairwell and walks down into the hole himself.) Stage Clear

Scene 30- Frozen Solid = The Babylon Rogues are running through the factory and notice that the temperature is rapidly declining. As they reach a large door Jet and Wave try to open it and realize it is frozen. Storm charges it from behind them causing it to shatter like glass. They now stand at the entrance to a large cryo section of the factory.

Stage 24- Ice Factory = The level starts out mostly empty. There isn't much platforming due to all liquid being frozen. However, the ground is slippery so no ledges can be grabbed if you fall into a pit. About a fourth of the way in shadow creatures begin to spawn. As you defeat the wave and progress the path branches off into two. The bottom path is a locked door and the top leads into another chamber with many frozen egg robots in cryo tanks and a switch. After you hit the switch all of the frozen bots begin jumping out from their tanks to attack you. Defeat for a key. After taking the key to the door at the bottom you go down into an area filled with icy cold water. Because of the low temperature, you build damage over time if you swim for too long without touch land. This means you must use each spot provided to break the ice and come up for air. As you reach the end and hit a switch you must return to the center room. There is now a door leading to the next area. (Cutscene- The Rogues are running through a large cryo chamber and in their haste Storm bumps Wave into a cryo tank causing it to open. A body falls out and lands on the floor. Standing up immediately (Gray Fox) draws his blade and cloaks himself.) Battle- Fights just like any other enemy but he is cloaked. Occasionally his sword flashes revealing his location. He uncloaks to attack. Defeat to progress. (cutscene- an alarm sounds somewhere in the factory putting it lockdown state. The Rogues stop fighting Gray Fox as the doors come down and lock  them in. In a flash Gray Fox vanishes and loud metal on metal clashes are heard. As the others look to the door it falls to pieces and Gray Fox is walking away. The Rogues follow him.) The level continues with you going through an assembly like area with hanging cranes. To reach the next area you have to grab the cranes and be carried at high speeds through roller coaster like terrain while attacking enemies from below and the sides. After leaving the first crane there is a small horde and then a second crane. After riding the next crane for a long distance it begins to take you up to a higher level and leads to a corridor. (Cutscene- The Rogues arrive at the rendezvous point and notice Silver and Blaze are trying to open a large gate.) Stage Clear <Jet, Wave, and Storm join the party>

Scene 31- The Ultimate Test = Silver watches helplessly as Blaze tries to beat open the gate. Storm pushes her out of the way and begins ferociously pounding on it eventually leaving small dents in it. Gray Fox slowly draws his sword and Jet rushes to pull Storm away from the gate. With a quick slash the gate sits still for a moment and then slash marks just barely visible outline a perfect doorway. Without hesitation Storm barges down the makeshift door. Beyond the doorway is a large tank powered by a Chaos Emerald. Inside of the tank glaring straight at the group is (Deoxys). He breaks open the tank and is standing in front of the group before the glass hits the ground. He reaches up and grabs the Emerald with his tentacles and infuses it into his body. He then creates 3 clones of himself one in each of his forms: speed, attack, and defense, and they all attack the group at once.

Stage 25- Clone Battle = Battle the 4 forms of deoxys. Defeat to progress. (Cutscene- The deoxys are separated, Gray Fox fighting speed, Silver and Blaze fighting defense, and The Rogues with the attack forms. Gray Fox quickly dodges a psycho cutter and leaps into the air with a double corkscrew slash cutting the Deoxys straight down the middle and defeating the clone. As Blaze does a double fire punch to kick combo Silver catches it with his telekinesis and she uses a powerful flamethrower attack on it. Silver finishes it off by crushing it and throwing it aside dispelling the clone. Storm is trading blows with the defense form and while he attacks it Jet and Wave use hit and run tactics to keep it off balance. As it staggers back, Storm takes it down, grabs the ankles, and throws it into the main Deoxys knocking the Emerald from it's chest. The Emerald flies through the air and Wave jumps up to catch it.) Stage clear <Gray Fox and Deoxys join the party>

Scene 32- Into Abyss = As the group looks around for an exit they see a large monitor with Eggman's face near a self-destruct message. As the timer starts to count down Zant appears through a wormhole in front of them with his back turned. He raises his hands slowly and the camera shows the outside of the building. A large barrier is formed around the entire factory. Back inside Zant walks through his wormhole and is gone. The timer starts to countdown from ten and the others brace themselves before going in after him. The monitor shows zero and the factory explodes similar to a nuclear explosion. However, the barrier restricted the explosion so that it is sealed inside of a large bubble that then floats upward, carrying the explosion into the sky.

Scene 33- Purification = Karel, Roy, and Eliwood are following the river downwind to the next town. As the amount of snow falling increases, the river begins to sparkle as the snow falls on it. As the moon rises high, the trio decides to pick up the pace.

Stage 26- The White River = Starting in the forest exit leading towards town the trail ends quickly. Enemies begin spawning from in front as well as leaping from the river in the background. No longer are they weak shadow creatures. Most of them are larger enemies that are more powerful than before. They move quickly and when defeated are divided into smaller shadow creatures. Three fourths of the way through the first screen the river crosses into the foreground. After crossing a short bridge enemies jump up from the river and must be defeated to progress. The second area is further out into the field. There is still very little platforming involved and every so often a small wave of enemies stops you forcing you to defeat them. Most of the enemies come from the front as you head to a hill. As you begin going downhill a large shadow creature spawns behind you and changes into the shape of a large sharp wheel. The stage begins to auto scroll quickly forcing you to sprint downhill avoiding the monsters in the way. At the bottom of the hill there is another bridge that you cross and the giant creatures breaks apart falling into the wall below as the river splits both ways. The creature divides into a medium horde that must be eliminated to progress. (Cutscene- As the trio enters the town they notice a large scale war going on. The townsfolk are fighting off the shadow creatures. In the center of the town is a Ashnard's dragon now multiplied in size to a colossal shadow dragon. Sitting atop it's head is (Waluigi). The trio rushes up to the dragon and Karel jumps up and throws his sheath at Waluigi, knocking him clean off the dragon and into a nearby well. The dragon notices the group and lets out a fearsome roar as Karel returns with his sheath.) Special Boss Battle- Unlike any other boss battle this one is fought from the foreground. As you move, the battlefield scrolls to circle the dragon. The dragon attacks with dark fireballs, darkness flamethrowers, head butts, and claw swipes. The only way to damage it is to counter it the moment the attack lands or to hit it when it misses a head butt or claw swipe. occasionally the claws get stuck in the ground. Defeat to progress. (Cutscene- The dragon attacks Karel but is stopped by a Fire Blade from Roy. As its head goes upward from the blow Eliwood and Karel charge at it with a rising blow, dragging both of their swords from the bottom all the way up the dragon. As they hit the ground the dragon begins to vaporize before it can topple over. The townscape is blazing on dark fire as Karel fishes Waluigi out of the well. With a false look of cowardice Waluigi presses a button on his belt and disappears through a wormhole bringing Karel with him. Roy and Eliwood leap into the darkness behind them.) Stage Clear.

Scene 34- Harmonizing the Planet = Yggdrasil uses the Eternal Sword to scatter the evil from all of the combined planets. The camera zooms and you see a large Twilight portal open up all over the world spotting it with black. After a few seconds a bright white light bursts from each portal and they all disappear.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Smash Bros War Final Smashes and move lists (So far...)

New Final Smashes/Changed Final Smashes and Move lists/ Changed Move lists
Sheik- Light Needle Storm= Pulls back a Golden Needle and the Triforce on her hand shines. She throws a giant Light needle while vanishing  and if it hits an enemy it traps the in place. Afterwards, she teleports overhead and starts throwing countless needles from overhead on top of the enemy while flipping and spinning in midair.
Toon Link- Ballad of Gales= Calls forth a cyclone which he jumps atop and can move it side to side constantly damaging and holding all who it sweeps up and throwing them to end the smash.
Side B- Deku Leaf- Flaps the leaf to unleash a powerful ball of wind that damages and pushes the enemy. If aerial can use to float.
Up B- Grappling Hook= throws a long rope that can grab enemies overhead and slam them while throwing him upwards. Can also grab ledges.
Down B- Parry= Counters an attack by rolling behind the enemy and coming up with a rising slash. If aerial he flips over the enemy and spikes them with a slash.
B- Hurricane Spin= does a spin attack while moving around. Can be charged.
Impa- Sheikah Slash= Runs through an enemy and stops their movement. If other players are nearby she will automatically chain attack to them. She then sheaths her weapon and all the enemies are downed to end the smash.
Side B- Deku Flash= slams a deku nut to stun the enemy while dashing behind them
Up B- Moonsault= Flips upward while doing a 180
Down B-Sheikah Purge= Does a backside 180 trip to ground stab combo.
B- Shuriken Bomb= Tosses a shuriken that sticks to an enemy and blows them up.
Tetra- Bombardment= Calls upon her ship to bomb the battlefield. Leaves the lower level of the stage in flames for a period of time.
Side B- Bomb Rush= Dashes through an enemy and leaves a bomb at their feet while turning them around.
Up B- Bomb Boost= Slams bombs at her feet to blow her up into the air without doing any damages
Down B- Transform= transforms into Toon Zelda
B-Thievery= dashes through the enemy while taking their held item
Toon Zelda- Arrow Barrage= Fires an Ice Arrow to freeze the enemy in place, then a Fire Arrow to melt the ice while they build damage from burning, She finished off the barrage with a Light Arrow to damage and stun any nearby enemies.
Side B- Evade= dodges attacks while launching enemy upward with magic
Up B- Light Magic= Rides arrow upward and jumps off. arrow comes down shortly after
Down B-Transform=  Changes back to Tetra
B-Stasis= uses power to stun enemies in front of her.
Young Zelda- Triforce Field= Fires a Golden beam of light to ensnare enemies, they can be slammed or shocked to cause more damage, lasts for twenty seconds.
Side B- Din’s Fire= unleashes a flamethrower like attack
Up B- Farore’s Wind= Uses a beam of green light to teleport
Down B- Zelda’s Lullaby= puts nearby enemies to sleep using the Ocarina of Time
B- Nayru’s Love= absorbs projectiles from all around and heals
Toon Ganon- Triforce of Power= Does a counter to knock the opponents skyward, then uses the power if Darkness to fire a massive ball of evil at the airborne enemy sending them flying even further.
Side B- Monsoon Rush= Does a quick 3 slice combo that knocks away enemies
Up B- Dark Uprising= lunges blade first skyward with darkness and does a front flip slash that spikes (lunge captures enemy and holds)
Down B- Black Descent= Charges down headfirst surrounded by darkness
B- Evil Blast- Fires a wave of darkness that dies down with time (similar to flamethrower attack)
Kafei- Great Fairy= Calls on the Great Fairy to deal magical damage on all foes within the radius.
Side B- Flying Kick= Leaps forward with one leg extended, bounces back with a flip on impact.
Up B- Uppercut= does a quick dash to a leaping  spiraling uppercut
Down B-  Keaton=uses the Keaton mask to summon a Keaton to block and counter an attack
B- Cobra Strike=a chargeable punch that deals massive damage and knockback
Shadow Link-Void Bomb= The screen goes dark and you hear Link laughing. When light returns all players are dazed surrounded by lit bombs.
Side B- Clone Slash=Creates a clone a few feet away facing himself to slash the enemy. Double tap to become the Clone.
Up B- Roc’s Feather= does a third jump.
Down B- Shadow Toss= reaches into himself and hurls a clone straight ahead. Double tap to become Clone.
B- Ice Rod= shoots a beam of ice to freeze opponents.
Fierce Deity Link- Vanquish= Lets out a battle cry while doing an upward slash which sends a shockwave across the level. If it hits he does a massive overhead smash which splits the screen diagonally instantly KO-ing the foe.
Side B- Projectile=shoots a piercing disc of energy from his sword.
Up B- Helm Splitter=leaps into the air with two quick horizontal slices and ends with a vertical slash that can spike an aerial foe.
Down B- Mortal Draw= Puts his weapon on his back to prepare for a fatal counter.
B- Defend=allows him to move while protecting himself from projectiles.
Majora- Moonfall= Uses the power of the Mask to bring down the moon. He screams shrilly as the moon smashes the entire battlefield. Only avoidable by going under the level or on the lowest level.
Side B- Moon’s Tear=throws a moons tear at the enemy, if charged it can knock them down
Up B- Extend=tissue like arms extend from the mask to grab enemies overhead or ledges
Down B- Backflash=does a backflip while slamming a deku nut
B- Full Charge= lowers his mask and charges the enemy. Hits multiple times, Can be charged
Nabooru- Song of the Gerudo= Dashes from one side of the target to the other gracefully slashing and stabbing, finally ending it all with a flying kick followed by a taunt.
Side B- Quicksand=Dashes through  the target and leaves a pitfall underfoot
Up B- Gerudo Ascension= Rises upward gracefully slashing with both swords
Down B- Basilisk Sweep= Does a full circle leg sweep tripping nearby foes
B- Seraph Crush= Raises both swords and slams them down simultaneously to break shields.
Wolf Link & Midna- Sense= Link uses his senses to find enemy weak points, it increases his damage by two times. He also hones his reflexes so that any attack is automatically countered by a popup attack that disables air control.
Side B- Maul= Latches onto enemy and bites until thrown off
Up B- Reach= Midna reaches for high or far ledges
Down B- Slash= uses razor sharp claws to slash enemies.
B- Twilight Field= Midna creates an energy field and Link dashes through any opponents that come inside.
Zant- Twilight Realm= Motions with a come. he raises a door to the Twilight Realm and grabs in his target/targets. All goes dark and eventually Zant’s face comes slowly out of the darkness. As it hits the screen the Shriek from TP is heard and all the enemies fly out. In order to hit someone must be facing Zant and also in front of him.
Side B- Fury Rave= slashes repeatedly while moving forward
Up B- Twilight Stairs= creates a small staircase underfoot that works as a platform temporarily.
Down B- Death Gaze= stops enemies who make eye contact with a shriek
B-Psycho Cyclone= spins uncontrollably back and forth while slashing with claws
Young Link- Triforce Blast= Does three powerful slashes, each one creating a Triangle of the Triforce. He then charges up for a final fourth blow that launches the opponent skyward.
Side B- Boomerang= throws boomerang that can pierce targets but has short range
Up B- Spin Attack= spins rapidly sucking in and damaging any nearby foes and shoots them upward
Down B- Bomb= Pulls out a bomb that can hit the enemy multiple times.
B- Ice Arrow= Fires an arrow imbued with magic that freezes the enemy.
Deku Link- Deku Rush= Grabs hold of Golden flowers and flies straight across the battlefield dropping Deku nuts that stun and damage foes. Characters are stunned for 10 seconds or until hit.
Side B- Spin= spins through enemies while slicing with his hat
Up B- Flower= uses a flower to soar short distances. can drop deku nuts while flying
Down B- Deku Shell= hides under a large magical shell that protects him from attacks.
B- Spit= fires spit bubbles to trip enemies
Goron Link- Goron’s Lullaby= Plays the Goron’s Lullaby and puts the Guardian of Snowhead temple to sleep. The scene changes to the temple and the Goron falls on top of them causing massive damage.
Side B- Roll= charges and rolls quickly with spikes protruding from body
Up B- Ground Pound= leaps up and smashes down to the earth with the full weight of his body.
Down B- Counter= uses spikes to avoid attacks and hurt offenders
B- Flare Punch= A combo that involves punching with flaming fists
Zora Link- New Wave Bossa Nova= Causes a tidal wave to cover the battlefield while summoning the turtle from Great Bay. The turtle stays on field for 20 seconds everything else is submerged underwater.
Side B-Bone Guitar= pulls out his guitar and gives enemies a powerful whack
Up B- Backflip Kick= leaps into the air in an arching backflip
Down B-Forcefield= repels all attacks and stuns close enemies.
B- Fin Boomerangs= throws fins in an X pattern and they return to him
Vaati- Pandemonium= uses the tainted power of the Light Force to draw forth a black whole and release a huge blast of darkness in a beam.
Side B- Lightning Surge= Charges Lighting in his fingers and shoots out an extremely damaging blast of energy. can be charged.
Up B- Dusk Wind= Quickly teleports while surrounded by blades of darkness that shoot out.
Down B- Dawn Burst= Counter attacks by sending high velocity wind from his body to cut all things surrounding him.
B- Mage Flare= Shoots a high power fireball that explodes on impac. Can be charged.
Dark Link- Abyss= Sinks into the ground and the screen goes dark for a split second. Instantly Dark Links are standing behind all nearby players and does a combo followed by a dark energy spin attack that leaves the foes smoking.
Side B- Dark Ring= throws a ring of darkness that can return with an enemy.
Up B- Leap= does a high jump leaving a puddle of darkness that works as an aerial pitfall.
Down B- Vanish= Sinks into the ground and rises behind the attacker with a slash.
B- Shield Bash= reflects oncoming attacks with his shield.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Shadow- Chaos Blast= Surrounds himself with the Chaos Emeralds and uses their power to create a massive blast of power in a huge radius. It hit multiple times and the final hit is a powerful surge that blasts the enemy away
Side B-Chaos Spear= does kicks that shoot energy waves while hovering
Up B- Light Dash= throws a trail of rings and then dashes through them at the speed of light
Down B- Chaos Emerald= pulls a random Chaos Emerald that does a status effect.
B- Boost= uses his rocket skates to boost straight ahead. can be charged
Knuckles- Master Emerald= Summons the Master Emerald to float above the field. It constantly heals him and also raises his resistance making him unflinching. Lasts 20 seconds
Side B-Spiral Dive= spirals horizontally in the air with fists in front
Up B- Spiral Uppercut= uppercuts while rapidly spinning. hits multiple times.
Down B- Dive Dig= plunges into the ground grounding enemies and sometimes retrieving items.
B- Double Fist= punches in both directions at once. grsbs enemies and throws upward.
Chaos- Chaos= Switches out character controls randomly with all but himself. (similar to Manaphy on Brawl.)
Side B- Extension Punch= triples length of arm and punches
Up B- Propeller= Flips upside down and uses his legs to fly
Down B- Melt= dissolves into a puddle to trip attackers
B- Warp= grabs enemy and switches places
Blaze- Inferno= Slams down both hands onto the ground and brings up a giant fire tornado which slowly rises to the sky. Any enemies hit will be whirled around and taken off screen unless they manage to escape.
Side B- Ravage= lunges for foe and tosses them upward. If aerial tosses downwards.
Up B- Tornado Kick= Spin kicks with both feet while rising
Down B- Flashfire= slams hands down shooting firewalls on both sides
B- Flame Strip= lights the ground on fire a few fee in front of herself
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Silver- Telekinetic Reflex= Glows with power and is granted unlimited levitation, whenever an enemy gets within range he throws them away causing damage. He is also granted unlimited jumps. Also all normal attacks are double strength.
Side B- Telekinesis= grabs enemies from a distance
Up B- Flight= enables him to fly for a small amount of time
Down B- Telewall= stays stationary while protected from all sides by energy.
B- Teleblast= Shoots a beam of energy that pushes foes back on contact. can be charged for more push.
Tales of Symphonia
Yggdrasil- Prism Stars= Calls in stars to attack randomly all over the battlefield. (Similar to a sideways PK star storm.
Side B- Holy Lance= throws a lance made of light straigh ah
Up B- Flight= uses his wings to levitate and fly upward.
Down B- Transform= changes to Mithos
B- Death Eater= pounds the ground creating a blue energy explosion
Mithos- Judgement= Uses his power to rain down beams of light that hit random spots all over the battlefield.
Side B- Leonazium= releases a blast of energy in the form of a red lion
Up B- Flight= uses wings to enable flight.
Down B- Transform= changes to Yggdrasil
B- Energy Punch= palms the enemy with a powerful blast of light energy
Lloyd Irving- Falcon’s Crest= Uses the eternal sword to unleash the true power of his exsphere. He traps whoever is inside his circle and jumps into the sky. He comes down with a slash that unleashes light from the earth damaging and raising his enemy.
Side B- Demon Fang= shoots a wave of energy along the ground that damages foes. if charged can release up to 3.
Up B- Psi Tempest= spins swords  while leaping diagonally. Can link to Rising Falcon
Down B- Rising Falcon= Leaps up and plunges down diagonally blades first. Can be executed immediately from mid air.
B- Sword Rain Alpha= stabs numerous times and finishes with an upward slice. Can link to Rising Falcon.
Kuchinawa= Quasi Seal= Summons thousands of blades to impale the opponent after catching the enemy in a spell glyph.
Side B- Raiden= throws a kunai that calls down lightning after hitting the enemy
Up B- Flare Raid= jumps into the air and throws down three exploding kunai
Down B- Crow Blade= counters the enemy’s attack by vanishing and appearing overhead with a falling slash
B- Hell Rush= runs toward the enemy while slashing multiple times
Kratos Aurnion- Shining Bind= Targets all nearby enemies. He raises his sword and floats into the sky while creating columns of light to damage the enemies around him.
Side B- Fierce Demon Fang= jumps up and brings down sword creating a wide shockwave
Up B- Victory Light Spear= does a spinning slash while rising to bring up foes, then slashes in midair to throw them away
Down B- Guardian= negates all attacks for an instant
B- Super Sonic Thrust= thrusts an enemy with extreme force
Sheena Fujibayashi- Summon= Uses a random summon spell out of Corrine, (Falls from overhead and hits the leading player stunning them) Efreet, (uses explosion to blast an enemy with fire and burn any surrounding enemies) Undine, (Uses Aqua Laser to push the enemy off the level) Sylph, (summons cyclones around the level that hurl any captured enemy up and off the screen)  Gnome, ( uses an earthquake to destroy every item on the screen as well as damage and ground all players on the ground.) Shadow, (Darkens the screen while stunning players and switching their positions randomly) Celsius, (uses Absolute to nearby enemies while causing major damage Volt, (uses indignation to storm down powerful lightning on all nearby enemies) Or Luna and Aska (Uses Ray to rain down beams of light in random directions from the center of the screen.
Side B- Demon Seal= stops the enemy with a card that blows them up sending them away
Up B- Cyclone Seal= surrounds herself with cards then floats to safety and explodes the cards
Down B-  Life Seal= drains 10% friend the enemy to heal herself
B- Pyre Seal= slams a card on the enemy and blows them upward
Side B-Beast= Does a full power swing that creates a blue monster to blow away the enemy.
Up B-Flame Lance= Jumps into the air and calls down a powerful lance to impale the enemy
Down B- Eruption=creates a small field of fire to rise around his body. Can be charged to increase size
B- Fire Ball= Shoots a slow moving homing fireball after the enemy. Can be charged to create up to three.
Kvar -Thunder Arrow= captures an enemy inside of a triangle of electricity. He then calls down multiple intense bolts of lightning to continuously strike all who enter.
Side B- Lightning Strike= Swings his scepter and causes multiple strikes of lightning to rain down
Up B-Guardian Shield= Hovers above the ground and creates a large field of energy to damage those near him as he floats.
Down B- Spark wave= Shoots a wall of electricity that continuously shocks the enemies nearby until let go or it dies out.
B-Lightning= Grabs an enemy and throws them while calling down lightning on them.
Yuan- Indignation= uses the ultimate lightning spell. He creates a circle of inescapable energy and brings down an extremely devastating blast of lightning that explodes and sends the targets flying.
Side B- Lightning Thrust= Does a 360 spinning slash to thrust that calls down lightning.
Up B- Thunder Explosion= leaps into the air while creating a glyph. Upon landing he blasts out lightning from all sides.
Down B- Masterfield= Does a stance to counter the enemy by summoning down lightning in a full circle around his body.
B- Tenshou Raizangeki= slams down his staff creating a moving wall of lightning
Forcystus-Mini Mana Cannon= Uppercuts an enemy with his cannon and then jumps to spike them back down to the earth. He stays airborne and charges his cannon to over its limit. He then fires a blast down onto the enemy that blows them upwards and damages nearby enemies.
Side B- Air Blade= Shoots a chargeable blade of air that damages enemies and also pierces targets
Up B- Cyclone= Creates a cyclone while jumping that traps and combos the enemy
Down B- Down Burst= does a smash with his gun that downs the enemy
B-Air Thrust= creates a ball of wind that cuts enemies who touch it
Samurai Goroh-Slice and Dice= Dashes forward and slashes a target 30 times in 3 seconds and then does an overhead slice that can pitfall the enemy.
Blood Hawk-Bloody Hawk Fury= Unleashes a chain of three blood fists followed by a skyward kick. He then leaps up and unleashes an overhead pound that diagonally spikes the enemy.
Metal Gear Solid
Gray Fox-Metal Gear Rex?= Gray Fox dashes past the enemy and places them in one of his flashbacks. Just as metal Gear is about to step on gray fox he moves out of the way and his enemy gets crushed.
Liquid Snake-Road Rage= Drops an armored truck from above and jumps into the turret. He can control the vehicle as well as using a machine gun turret or missile launcher to hit enemies.
Pichu- Stampede= calls forth a herd of Pichu to attack the enemy while rushing by.
Luxray-Discharge= Releases a huge blast of electrical energy that that instantly knocks away all enemies nearby while dealing massive damage.
Scizor- Harden= Gains an impenetrable shell and gains invincibility. He also deals double damage for a 20 second duration.
Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan- Dynamic Mega Combo=Hitmonchan does 3 consecutive mega punches to a dynamic punch that knocks the enemy skyward. Hitmonlee then jumps up into the air with a Double Mega Kick to send the enemy away.
Johto Trainer Chicorita- Synthesis= Recovers half of its health and gains a speed bonus for twenty seconds.
Quilava- Blastburn= Blasts an extreme amount of fire that sets the level aflame while damaging all nearby enemies with rising percentage.
Feraligator- Bubblebeam= Shoots out a barrage of bubbles wiith intense knockback ability while dealing no damage.
Hoenn Trainer Treecko- Ambush= Takes the opponent into a jungle scene and attacks them from different sides while swinging from vines.
Marshstomp- Muddy Water= Jumps off screen and returns on a tidal wave of mud and rock damaging all who it touches.
Blaziken- Blaze Combo= A quick Double Kick to uppercut followed by an aerial Blaze Kick. After the smash fire blasts from his wrists until he is KO’d. It enables him to set his opponents on fire with each attack for slight extra damage.
Sinnoh Trainer Piplup-Waterfall= creates a giant waterfall overhead that crashes down onto Piplup. It damages and blasts away all enemies in the vicinity.
Deoxys- Form Change= Deoxys is given five seconds to choose a form. Depending on the chosen form he does a beam from a different direction. (speed is from Overhead, Attack is mobile, and Defense is From the side of the screen)
Riolu- Rock Tomb= Pummels nearby enemies and slams them into a wall causing boulders to fall and crush them.
Absol- Catastrophe= Summons miniature tornados to whirl through the level and sweep up and toss anyone caught. After the aerial meteors rain down from above spiking the foes which causes an earthquake that grounds them. After the quake subsides a tsunami sweeps the level  to carry off all foes caught in the quake.
Ditto- Copy Smash= Uses the smash of any chosen character.
Mewtwo-Dual Hyper Beam= Throws the enemy upward with a barrage of shadowballs, then teleports behind them and simultaneously blasts them with two hyper beams.
Eevee- Evolution= Time freezes for 5 seconds allowing the player to evolve into whichever form they choose during the evolution process. After the evolution The chosen form attains the Final Smash.

 Side B- Bite, lunges and bites the enemy
Up B- Quick Attack, dashes a long distance with a leaping tackle
Down B- Sand Attack, sweeps sand from the ground, stunning the enemy
B- Scratch, uses claws to swipe at an enemy, can score criticals
Flareon- Fireblast= Tackles an enemy headlong and then uses a powerful blast of fire to engulf the enemy in a tower of fire.

Side B- Double Edge, tackles the enemy causing severe knock back
Up B- Smokescreen, jumps up, leaving black smoke below
Down B- Firespin, creates a wall of fire around itself that spins until released
Flamethrower- blasts fire from the mouth in a steady stream, can move while doing
Vaporeon- Aurora Beam= Releases a powerful beam aimed straight ahead that can penetrate multiple targets.

Side B-Aqua Jet, dashes through enemies with a burst of water
Up B- Surf, rides a small tide that hits nearby foes
Down B- Mist, trips enemies with a mist, leaving them open to attack
B-Water Gun, wets the ground causing enemies to slip if stepped on
Jolteon- Zap Cannon= Blasts out two large balls of electricity that explode upon hitting an enemy.

Side B-Takedown, tackles enemy with extreme force. Also takes damage
Up B- Thunder, jumps atop a high cloud and sends down lightning
Down B- Barrier, creates a ceiling overhead to protect from the skies
B- Pin Missle, fires needles repeatedly, can be aimed
Espeon-Psybeam= Uses a beam of psychic power to blast foes and reverse their controls.

Side B- Confuse Ray, shoots a ball of light that reverses controls momentarily
Up B- Psychic, uses mind power to allow short term levitation
Down B- Reflect, reflects any attack or turns around attacker
B- Psywave, shoots a beam of psychic energy to damage attackers
Umbreon- Shadow Combo= Uses a combination of Night Shade and Shadow Ball to create an overpowered ball of darkness that travels straight across the level while shrinking. The level remains Night for the remainder of the fight.

Side B- Iron Tail, Does a 360 tail whip to hurt enemies
Up B- Feint Attack, fades away and appears a few feet above with a spike attack
Down B- Night Slash, counters the enemy by dashing through with a stun
B- Crunch, bites the enemy and blasts them with dark energy
Glaceon- Ice Beam= Unleashes an icy blast that freezes whomever it hits and damages them severely.

Side B- Double Team, moves quickly to trip enemies while dashing passed them
Up B- Icy Wind, uses ice to teleport, freezes enemies with the starting and finish explosion
Down B- Blizzard- blasts icicles from the ground to freeze nearby enemies
B- Ice Ball- shoots a ball of ice straight ahead
Leafeon- Solar Combo= Uses Sunny Day and Solar Beam in a combo to blast the enemy with an overpower Beam. It remains day for the remainder of the match unless an Umbreon player uses Shadow Combo.

 Side B- Body Slam, leaps and tackles enemies, sometimes stuns if charged
 Up B- Vinewhip- Whips with vines while spinning and can grab ledges and items
Down B- Leaf Blade, blocks and counters with a sweeping slash from a sword in mouth
B- Magical Leaf- shoots a leaf that hits multiple times and returns
Falco- Great Fox= Calls in air support from the Great Fox. It fires onto the battlefield auto targeting nearby enemies. Upon leaving it drops 3 smart bombs onto the field.
Wolf- Wolfen= Leaps up into a Wolfen. he can fly over the battlefield and shoot at enemies.  Can also barrel roll to attack or ascend to KO those on top. This lasts for 15 seconds.
Krystal- Beatdown= Unleashes an all around spin attack followed by a head bash and two leg smacks, a mid thrust, high thrust, and an upper blow that launches the enemy upward. She then throws her staff to intercept the enemy and the screen freezes as it connects. Automatic KO if hit by the attack. The enemy then  flies off screen as Krystal jumps to catch her staff.
Donkey Kong
Lanky Kong- Bone Stretch=Grabs hold of the enemy and fully extends his bones to stretch their skeleton.
Tiny Kong- Banana Rain= Causes bananas to fall from the sky and cover the battlefield. They are slipped on by all but herself and she can eat them too recover.
Chunky Kong- Rolling Stone= Pulls a boulder out of the ground and an roll it back and forth hitting any who come within its path and grounding them.
Kid Icarus
Palutena- Heavenly Spear= Throws a huge energy spear that she can control . It turns slowly but hits multiple  times on contact.
Dark Samus-
Kat & Ana-
Super Mario Bros
Daisy-Tea Time= Reaches out both hands and grabs anyone on either side. She then throws them into two chairs and rolls them up to a table. She walks up to the table with a hot container of tea and she trips, spilling the hot tea on all affected opponents
Rosalina- Luma Storm=
Waluigi-Creep Out= Brings any nearby players to a spooky graveyard where he waits for them behind a tombstone. As they walk up to the unfilled grave he pops out behind them and scares them causing them to fall in. He then shovels dirt over them while laughing.
Shadow Mario-
Dr. Mario-
Goemon- Impact= Calls his giant fighting robot to the battlefield. Works similar to snake calling his helicopter. Use the left fist with A and the right with B
Ebisumaru- Ultraphone= Screams into his Megaphone shooting extremely jagged stone letters out that cut opponents and break into smaller pieces.
Sasuke- Super Shuricane= Throws ten kunai into the air leaving one in his hand, anyone hit is captured. He then goes into a stance and grows the single held kunai and starts to spin furiously creating a gale that sucks up all the previously thrown kunai as he rises into the air and throws down the giant kunai. It sinks into the ground and is followed by a barrage of hundreds of tiny kunai.
Yae- Mermaid= Transforms into a mermaid and then grabs an opponent jumps and performs a teleportation handsign. She appears over water and drags them down to the bottom of the sea and returns without them.
Mischief Makers
Marina- Ghost Mode= Dashes past her opponent full sped and swoops them up. She takes them up into space and slams them back down to the earth turning them into ghosts.
Fire Emblem
Roy- Super Fire Blade= Instantly charges Fire  Blade to a point of mass devastation. He slams down with a shout and explodes a radius the size of a small stage, instantly KO-ing anyone affected.
Eliwood- Dragon Slayer= Throws his sword straight ahead, if it hits he dashes to grabs it with a leap. As the enemy and him are still in the air he pulls it out and as he rotates the sword for a slash a dragon forms behind the blade. He then does a slash that sends the enemy down in the dragon’s mouth.
Side B- Durandal= does a dashing slash and throws his sword backward while jumping up to catch it.
Up B- Riser= does a massive swing upward while jumping. Down spike if tapped again
Down B- Turn= pushes the enemy with the side of his sword to turn them around.
B- Critical Thrust= does a thrust and then leaps into the air
Elincia- Void of Light= Reaches upward and grabs the light from the sky, she puts the light on the blade causing it to glow, it activates a mode for a set duration of time. While in the mode she leaves slash marks of light wherever she attacks that remain until time runs out.
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Sothe- Bane=Flips his dagger and dashes into the enemy with a quick combo that leaves their HP at 998%.
Side B- Adept= Does a dashing slash combo that steals any held item from the enemy.
Up B- Vortex= Does a 180 rising slice followed by a 180 soinning slice at the peak of his jump.
Down B- Counter Leap= Counters the enemy by leaping upward with a slashing combo
B- Knife Throw= Throws a knife from his belt
Ephraim- Cleave= Leaps into the air and lets out a shout while pulling his spear back. He then throws his spear into the ground and it goes all the way through cutting the level in two from wherever it was hit. (auto KO not able to dodge )
Side B- Lift off = Thrusts the enemy and impales them, he then does a 180 and tosses them away
Up B- Lunge= Rides his lance upward and slashes downward after jumping off
Down B- Fissure= slams his spear down rapidly from one side to the other. Can be prolonged by pressing repeatedly
B- Pierce Thrust= Does a jab with his spear quickly enough to slightly damage a guarding opponent
Greil- Annihilation= Throws his axe at the enemy, if it hits he dashes to the axe and takes the enemy up to the top center of the screen and spikes them to the side. He then throws his axe at the enemy again and it spins while rapidly cutting them and they are sent away.
Side B- Wood Cutter= does a fill force swing causing him to frontflip after he hits the ground with his massive axe
Up B- Damager= Does a double backflip while slashing with his axe
Down B- Enforcer= Counter attacks the enemy by grabbing hold of them. Able to control the direction of the throw
B- Whirlwind Ax= Spins around with his axe in place cutting any one near him. can charge up to 3 spins
Side B- Ace= dashes and does a quick upper slash . If aerial he does an air dash to downward slash
Up B- Typhoon= jumps up and twirls his sword overhead for a quick combo slash.
Down B- Gamble = does a quick slash to the legs capable of tripping the enemy
B- Windbreak= does a quick slice to the enemy. If charged he dashes to the other side and does another slice.
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Lyn- Slice= Enters a stance while preparing for a critical strike on a random target. She vanishes in and instantly appears with a fatal slash and a flash of light. (same as her assist move.)
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Nintendo Others
Saki -
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-
Isaac -
Side B-
Up B-
Down B-